Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I need your help

This wonderful little boy is my 7 year old grandson Kaden.  He accidentally fell on a pencil that lodged in this lower spine.  He is having surgery this morning at 7. 

    I am asking you all please to send your prayers to him and our family.

   With all my love and thanks for your help.



  1. Sandi, he's a little doll!!!
    Poor thing. I am happy I got to speak with you on the phone yesterday. Hearing a voice is so much better than trying to read between the lines.
    I'm still praying over here, hoping nothing but a speedy and healthy recovery!!!
    Let me know if you need ANYTHING!!!!

  2. Dear Sandi,
    what a sweetheart he is. Sending my prayer's
    to him.With best wishes for a speedy recovery
    and many hugs