Monday, November 30, 2009

Trip to Breaux Bridge

 Good morning everyone.  Monday morning and on my third cup of coffee.  Woke up at 6:30 am.  I am not a morning person, so a little surprised I woke up so early.  I guess my body felt it had a lot to do today.  It's a bit rainy out, so I feel like staying in, but need to run a few errands later.  I really need to go to the grocery to make a good meal tonight.  I have been lazy with cooking lately.  Have to figure out what to cook.       

I recently went with my friend Pro to her booth in Breaux Bridge.  First, I have to say Pro is the most energetic person I know.  She is 10 years older than me and can run circles around me.  Her creative mind is light years ahead of me.  She can turn anything into something completely different and something you just have to have.  But surprising to me, she knows very little about computers and the blog world.  So we are thinking of putting our heads together to do something.  Not sure what yet, so be patient, who knows what will happen.

Below is the flea market Pro has her booth in.   

Saturday, November 28, 2009

I'm a lucky lady

Santa has already come to my house.

My loving husband has recently purchased a new laptop and all the bells and whistles that go with it.

Then yesterday, he purchased for me a Circut machine. I still don't know everything about the Circut or the laptop, but am having fun learning.

I am a very spoiled lady. I know it. I could not ask for a more generous husband.

I know sometimes I could rattle him, but I think that is what makes it still interesting. We have been married almost 10 years, so I considered us newlyweds.

I have had a few medical difficulties and he still hangs in there for me. I may be having another surgery in the near future and he is extremely supportive of me and my recovery.

When we first were dating, I didn't think we would get to the point of marriage, because I am a very hard headed person. Very set in my ways.

So you see Santa came to my house and does every day.

My Thanksgiving

Starts out with a Turkey!!

My sister hosted Thanksgiving Dinner this year. They live out in the country, so the grandkids always have alot of fun. They have horses, which my two city grandsons have fun with. Sorry forgot to take photos. They had a blast.

Below is my Mom and my sister "Sis". Sis hosted and cooked almost all the meal. HUGH Job. She did an awesome job.

Let's start with dessert. The picture is fussy because I was shaking with anticipation.

Turkey!!!! We had a turkey cooked on the pit, a turkey roll stuffed with herbs, and turkey stuffed with shrimp. I would say we had enough turkey.

Have to have corn. We love corn at every celebration. I really don't know why, other than we all like it and it always seems to go with the rest of the meal.

Got to have some dirty rice. For non-cajuns, this is like a rice dressing. There are endless recipes for this. Each cajun family has a twist on how they make it. But each one is delicious. Sis did a great job.
The following is a few photos of some of my family. We were able to enjoy the beautiful weather together.

So the men and children spent most of the day outside. Here is my brother, who we are thankful, is recovering from cancer.
My brother-in-law who is our host.
My godchild and her boyfriend.
Two of my nephews, my brother, and my son-in-law.
We spent a great day together. Now we can't wait to get together for Christmas for more good times, good food, and Presents. Yea!!!!

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving too.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


May each of you have a peaceful and happy Thanksgiving from Cajun Country.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thinking of a Friend

Tomorrow I am visiting a friend who has lost her father. I know how hard this is. I lost my father not that long ago. I know there is nothing I can say or do to make it better. I only hope this time will not be too difficult for Jodie and her family.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


I was named at birth Sandra Marie. My first name came out of a True Confessions magazine. Mom loved to read them. Marie is a French tradition down in Acadiana in South Louisiana. Years ago almost every female born carried the name Marie, Mary, Maria, etc. Hence, my sister is Mary Della. My mom is Mary Jane.

My dad, for reasons unknown now, called me Sanni and it stuck as I grew up. When I started high school, I felt I needed a name that fit me better. Sandi was what I decided on and that is how everyone knows me now.

Before my Dad passed away, when I would talk to him, he would still call me Sandra or Sanni and that always touched me. My Dad was very special to me. I miss him.

This is part of A Rose by Another Name at Go there to see more and visit a lovely blog.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Here we are at the Rayne Frog Festival in Rayne, Louisiana. All set up for the festival goers. That's Tina sitting in center of the booth. We set it up this way on Friday and like most women, by Saturday we had it all rearranged. These are a few of the cards and magnets Tina made for the show. Very nice.
My pendants. I sold a few.
Sold a few of the lampwork beads, also. The ladies that purchased them were so excited with the ones they selected.
Earrings for sale.
My clay pendants and pretty candle holders.
Merry old Saint Nick.
Lacey's gift boxes. She calls them Bogs. They are recycled boxes (cereal, bread crumbs, etc.) that she paints and embellishes. They are the cutest things you ever saw.
More stuff.

A feather wreath I made. Lots of red here.
A paperback book wreath I made. I saw this on one of the blogs and tried it. My hubby, daughter, and Lacey all felt it needed the bow. Lots of comments on this at the show. It was definitely a "I Hate It or Love It" thing.

The show would not be called a success as for as how much we made, but was a learning lesson for all three of us. I know we will do better next time.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

First Day at Festival

What a day yesterday was. I'm tried and dazed. This is my first larger show. Apparently Friday is not a good show day. All the vendors were commenting on how there were no shoppers. But, the veterans said Saturday would be better. Well, we will see today. I sold a few things, but not quite what I was expecting. The other vendors have so many great items. I will try to take photos today.

Wish me luck.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Frog Festival

Rayne Frog Festival
November 13 & 14, 2009
10am - 5pm

Annual Arts & Crafts Show
Rayne Civic Center

Handmade Crafts, Frog Souvenirs, Jewelry, Art and so much more!!!

It's a great time for Holiday Shopping!!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pro's House

OK, I know the picture isn't great, but I wanted you to see I'm not perfect. That's me in the corner of the mirror. With that said, let's move on.

These are a few photos of a dear friend's home. I absolutely love what she has done with it. She has taken repurpose, recycle, reuse to a whole new level. Almost everything in her home is found items she repurposed or art pieces from friends or her unbelievable artistic talents put to awesome use. Sit back and enjoy the tour. By the way this is a tiny look at her home. Words and these photos do her no justice.

Below is a bed she has in a back room that has a tin roof. This is where she rest listening to audio books or takes a nap. The room is fantastic. It is the perfect place to pull yourself together in luxury.

This is her vent in her kitchen. I am so jealous.

A little sparkle over the dining table, which by the way, she and her husband made. She makes furniture too. Can you imagine?! Wonderful furniture.
Little treasures.
Fireplace screen
Little lambie on dining table. This one of the tables she and hubby made.

Rooster on kitchen cabinet.
Hopefully I will get more photos of the furniture next time.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Time to Slow Down

Just when I thought I was going to get a whole lot of stuff done, I get stopped in my tracks.

Last night I broke a tooth. So this morning, thanks to my wonderful daughter, I was able to see a dentist first thing. Bad news, I have to have it removed. Well, I have the Frog Festival next week. Not a good time. It appears I can wait till November 16 to have the tooth removed. Whew!!! That means I should be able to continue getting everything done next week.

I don't know about you, but I am scared to go to the dentist. My daughter thinks I'm nuts. She is an orthodontic assistant. This visit this morning was traumatic to me. She is to give me drugs before I even leave my home the day of the extraction. Some that will make me happy to go to the dentist. I'm thinking it will have to be some serious drugs to make me feel happy.

Also, for all of you who have new joints, pay attention. I was unaware that if you have a new joint and am having dental work done, you must contact your doctor to get certain drugs from him to fight any bacteria from attaching to the new joint (or something like that). That kind of blew my mind.

So, wish me well, because I will be trying to get everything I need done for the craft show next weekend done. This is my first really big show. I am very nervous. Someone told me that I need to just do it and not worry about if I have enough merchandise. When I run out (Ooooo, that sounds good) I just go home. Lets hope that is true.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009



Let’s start at the beginning. Approximately 20+ years ago I was a divorced mom of 2. I received in the mail a package from California to Sandy, for you who do not know, my name is Sandi. No return address. It is from someone I do not know, for at the time I knew no one from CA. I open the package and find a painting of a clown from Uncle Johnny. I don’t know what to do. I put up the painting and forgot about it. Since then, my children have grown with children of their own. I have remarried and moved a number of times. A couple of days ago my husband is cleaning out a closet and discovers the clown painting. I think, OK, in this new age of technology, lets try to find this Uncle Johnny. Well guess what, I found him. I goggled his name and came up with an email. I emailed him with some info and he returned the email with the correct info to identify him. We are presently trying to get the painting to Sandy after 20 years. I couldn’t destroy the painting well back then, and felt maybe somehow I would find Sandy. I am so happy I kept the painting. I don’t feel comfortable showing you the painting without Sandy and Uncle Johnny’s permission, but I don’t see why I can’t give you a little peek. I have to say this is pretty cool.
Clown in waiting

Clown in waiting


Saturday morning. Beautiful day. The sun is shining and the air is crisp. Perfect day to have a great experience. This day is pretty special to me. Things like this don't usually happen. I really feel good about this. So off we go. My hubby and I get our coffee and muffins and wait for Sandi.
She arrives with a huge smile on her face. I believe she is as excited as I am. Hugs all around. I give her the painting and she can not stop looking at it. I can see the happiness in her whole being. She is such a nice lady. Her Uncle Johnny couldn't make it due to work. What a shame. I would have truly like to meet him. He is the missing part to this whole story.
Look at that smile. Now tell me she isn't thrilled to finally get her gift from her uncle.
As much as I hate having my photo taken, here is a photo of me and Sandi. Oh my, two Sandi's. We were able to visit for a bit. Sandi told me how she always thought her Uncle Johnny was the coolest uncle. She always wondered what had happened to the gift he was supposed to have sent her. As time passed, she forgot about it. So you can about imagine how she felt when her Uncle Johnny emails her to let her know someone had her gift and was trying to get it to her. And this after quite a number of years. After a number of emails and phone calls we did it. Sandi lives a couple of towns away from me. Which made it so much easier to get together and we can continue to visit.
I believe this is the beginning of another great friendship due to the age of technology. I never would have found her without Google. Hey Google.