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Let’s start at the beginning. Approximately 20+ years ago I was a divorced mom of 2. I received in the mail a package from California to Sandy, for you who do not know, my name is Sandi. No return address. It is from someone I do not know, for at the time I knew no one from CA. I open the package and find a painting of a clown from Uncle Johnny. I don’t know what to do. I put up the painting and forgot about it. Since then, my children have grown with children of their own. I have remarried and moved a number of times. A couple of days ago my husband is cleaning out a closet and discovers the clown painting. I think, OK, in this new age of technology, lets try to find this Uncle Johnny. Well guess what, I found him. I goggled his name and came up with an email. I emailed him with some info and he returned the email with the correct info to identify him. We are presently trying to get the painting to Sandy after 20 years. I couldn’t destroy the painting well back then, and felt maybe somehow I would find Sandy. I am so happy I kept the painting. I don’t feel comfortable showing you the painting without Sandy and Uncle Johnny’s permission, but I don’t see why I can’t give you a little peek. I have to say this is pretty cool.
Clown in waiting

Clown in waiting


Saturday morning. Beautiful day. The sun is shining and the air is crisp. Perfect day to have a great experience. This day is pretty special to me. Things like this don't usually happen. I really feel good about this. So off we go. My hubby and I get our coffee and muffins and wait for Sandi.
She arrives with a huge smile on her face. I believe she is as excited as I am. Hugs all around. I give her the painting and she can not stop looking at it. I can see the happiness in her whole being. She is such a nice lady. Her Uncle Johnny couldn't make it due to work. What a shame. I would have truly like to meet him. He is the missing part to this whole story.
Look at that smile. Now tell me she isn't thrilled to finally get her gift from her uncle.
As much as I hate having my photo taken, here is a photo of me and Sandi. Oh my, two Sandi's. We were able to visit for a bit. Sandi told me how she always thought her Uncle Johnny was the coolest uncle. She always wondered what had happened to the gift he was supposed to have sent her. As time passed, she forgot about it. So you can about imagine how she felt when her Uncle Johnny emails her to let her know someone had her gift and was trying to get it to her. And this after quite a number of years. After a number of emails and phone calls we did it. Sandi lives a couple of towns away from me. Which made it so much easier to get together and we can continue to visit.
I believe this is the beginning of another great friendship due to the age of technology. I never would have found her without Google. Hey Google.

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