Saturday, August 28, 2010

This Should Go On Forever-Rod Bernard

Do any of you remember this song? I was lucky enough to attend a show recently in Crowley, La. that Rod Bernard was performing at. It was a great evening.

I started thinking maybe a few of you would remember this and have a few fond memories associated with the song.


Thursday, August 12, 2010


First off, I recently had a visit from our granddaughter from New Orleans.  Miss M. spent a whole week with us.  She wanted to do some crafting and crafting we did.  Here we have Miss M and Kennedy busy at work.

miscellaneous 044

See some of what we did.           miscellaneous 062

This Skinny Scarf was crocheted by Miss M.   This is her first crochet project.  Pretty good, don’t you think?

miscellaneous 064

Don’t you just love this ultra feminine ring.  Miss M. and I did this.miscellaneous 067

Just too Cute.

miscellaneous 066 How about this faux cake.  It’s a pincushion.  Way too Cool.

miscellaneous 073

This is definitely a glamorous pincushion.

miscellaneous 071

Lots of fringe and sequins.  Oh and don’t forget the zebra strips.  Love it.

miscellaneous 074

This is Miss M.’s second crochet project.  Crocheted chain with lots of beads and charms.  She can wear this as a necklace or bracelet.  Miss M likes the bracelet look. 

miscellaneous 075

And then we make a bracelet from an old baseball.  The baseball was purchased at an auction I took Miss M. to.

miscellaneous 069

Sorry about some of these photos.  Not very clear, but it gives you an idea of all we did.

Next, on Tuesdays a few friends get together at Pro’s workshop to do their thing.  We go by the name CC (Crazy Crafter) Revival.  First this is Pro.  Sorry Pro.  But you will always look beautiful to all your friends.

miscellaneous 086

Next is Dan.  Busy, busy. 

miscellaneous 083

And Lynn.  Love that red paint.

miscellaneous 084 

Some of the furniture we worked on.  Some of which has already sold.   Yea!!!!!   This is the before.

miscellaneous 077

This is the after.    Sold!!!!

miscellaneous 096


miscellaneous 078 

Just before last finishing touch.

miscellaneous 087

All done.   Sold!!!!!!

miscellaneous 088


miscellaneous 082

After a little paint.

miscellaneous 097

No before of this drop leaf table.  It sold too.

miscellaneous 095

This is dresser Pro did a faux finish that is unbelievable.   I love this piece.

miscellaneous 091

Hopefully I can show you more of all I have been doing lately in a few days.  I have a few more pieces of furniture I’m working on.  Wait till you see the awesome St Theresa statue I found.  Truly cool.