Friday, October 30, 2009

Clay Charms

Rainy today. Sitting looking out the study window thinking how happy I am that I can stay inside working on one of my recent projects.

I wasn't sure what to do with the charms at first. I then decided to attach each one to a chain necklace. I find they look pretty.
I have a friend that would not look kindly on my imperfect charms, but I like that they are not perfect. Just like I am not perfect. Fits me to a "T".
I just removed from the oven a whole batch of fleur de lis and frog charms. The frogs are for the Frog Festival which is on November 13 & 14. I have a booth there, so whoever can come by, please come say hello.

Do you remember the post about the painting I received years ago and had tracked down the original owner. Well, we are meeting tomorrow morning at a local coffee house. I can not wait to meet them. What an exciting thing. I have spoken to her on the phone, by email and by text. Sandi seems to be a really nice young woman. She is excited about finally receiving the gift she has waited a very long time for. Will give you updates and photos tomorrow.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


This is Reagan an hour or two before her surgery. We drove all night to get there before she went into surgery. Every time she sees me she cracks up. She must think her Meme is pretty funny.

These next two photos were at Labor day.

Isn't she a cutie?

It's My Birthday!!!!

I made it to another birthday. When you get to be my age, that is an accomplishment. A posted note with Happy Birthday on it was attached to my coffee pot this morning ( from my loving hubby). Just about the same time, I received a text from my daughter-in-law wishing me the same (she is a sweetie).

My daughter just called to say Happy Birthday, too. The two grandsons want to know if we eat cake tonight. I say "Yes". Let's eat lots of cake. It's Meme's birthday and we will have cake.

ot much planned for today. Thought I might get a manicure. Then I really need to start on my projects for the Frog Festival in November.

By the way, the baby is back home with her family. We are still worried about her. So much for such a small body to have to endure.

Here is my birthday wish to all of you. Stay young, in body, in mind, and in spirit always.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Our Memphis Visit

Update on our little one. She is in her own room with a few less wires and tubes connected to her. The photo above is what we called her Rudolph the red toe.

Lovely ballerina. The following are photos of the lobby of the hotel we stayed in. Lots of wood and artwork. Really pretty neat.

Lots of statues.
Look at the detail on this clock. The entire lobby was filled with interesting things.

Neat old grandfather clock at the hotel.
We ate at a (as my husband calls it) hole in the wall Italian restaurant. Interesting parking sign.
The food was good and we needed the rest. Too many hours in a hospital is draining.