Friday, December 4, 2009

Snow and Gumbo

Can you believe the weatherman has forecasted snow for this afternoon and evening.  For all of you "Northeners", we DO NOT get snow in Cajun Country.  Everyone down in south Louisiana are hoping and praying it really does snow.  Now, by snow, I am talking about, if we are lucky, to see it falling and maybe some will not melt when it hits the ground.  NO snowmen for us.

With that said, it is also time to make GUMBO.  Every good red blooded Cajun is making roux and stirring that pot of gumbo.  Cold weather and gumbo is like heaven.  By this afternoon each and every neighborhood will smell like this wonderful nectar.
I have already called my daughter and will be calling my daughter-in-law to discuss the snow forecast.  I know the grandkids are probably having a hard time staying focused in school today.

I'm going to get in touch with Jodie and Sarah a little later today to see if they have snow yet.  You see Jodie and Sarah live a little further North and West of me, so they will get the snow before me.  Like this I can get a little fore warning as to how long to wait for snow.    

Sidebar:  I just figured out how to link a blog to a name on my blog.  Hooray!!!

Now beware the following photos.  Look at your own risk.  They are pretty strange.

This little girl is my 4 year old granddaughter. Every Tuesday I pick her up after her dance class and we do lunch and then she comes home to visit with Pops and Meme.  This is what she was up to this past Tuesday.
Face paint is really something, don't you think.

Next we have what she can do with her Pops.  Obviously she can do anything she wants to do.

Love these two clowns.  What a proud Pops and Kennedy.

Look at this face.  Amazing isn't it?

Happy Snow Day to all of you.  Eats lots of gumbo and hug those little children.


  1. Ms. Sandi, This is great.... I can't wait till this evening to watch the kids playing in the snow, they didn't even want to go to school, so i had to temp them with smor's and popcorn. Poor pops. Kennedy Can do anything she wants to him, she has him wrapped around that little finger. Well hope ya'll stay warm playing in the snow, talk 2 u soon!!!!

  2. Oh Geez Sandi, this post IS the best yet! I've been catching up on all that I missed and just giggling at all what you've been up to. The face painting is tooooo cute, I cannot wait to be a grandmother to experience those fun times!! Your gumbo looks beautiful! Don't tell anyone, but I do NOT eat gumbo. I can cook a hell of a good one...but I won't eat it. Would that label me as a "cast out Cajun"??? haha It was so nice to hear your voice today. I cannot wait until everything gets back to normal so we can play again. I'll be hoping for you a speedy knee recovery!!! Still no snow here yet...I'm watching out the window!!!
    Have fun with Venus and have a wonderful weekend~
    everything vintage

  3. What a fun post!

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