Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Check out the giveaway at Spun By Me by Marie.  Beautiful items.  Looking at all these giveaways makes me feel like I am getting a visual gift each time I see one.  

Also, check out the giveaway at Viola    Love the pillow and charms.  

I was thinking yesterday while resting in bed that visiting each blog is like reading a book.  Sometimes it's a Diary, sometimes a How To book,  sometimes an Inspirational book, or a Wish Book.  I can't wait to read them and have a hard time putting them down.  I can't wait to see what the new year brings.  

I personally have a few things up my sleeve.  I will share as things progress.  

Lots of trips scheduled. Houston, Salt Lake City and Park City, Utah, and Phoenix, Arizona.  All in the next 3 months.  That is one reason for me to get this knee and hip working.  I have a lot of shopping and snooping to do.  The trip to Utah is one I am really looking forward to. Being from South Louisiana, my hubby and I have never really experienced snow.  So he plans on trying skiing and I am trying snowmobiles, with the OK from my doctor.     Can't wait.  

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  1. Hi Sandi! Thanks for the mention about my post today, you're very sweet to do so. Thanks for the tips about the great giveaways too, I went over to check them out. Have a terrific day!