Thursday, December 31, 2009

Being Lazy

Happy New Year to all of you!!

I am being very lazy lately.  Sleeping in late. Not doing too much during the day.  My hubby is trying to get me to the gym today.  Oh, how I don't want to go. I know I need to, but I am so not an exercise person.

 I really need to get into a disciplined routine of doing something to get this body into shape.  As so many others are doing right now, I am going to make this new year a year to get in shape. 

I'll let you all in on a secret.  I joined Weight Watchers about a  week ago.  My daughter thinks I'm crazy to join before the holidays.  I felt like I had to start getting my mind set for this now.  I have done a horrible job keeping track of my points.  Traveling thru 3 different states during the holidays has not helped the diet.  So I am going to focus on doing better now.

I know some of you are planning on doing similar things for the new year.  I wish you luck and courage with the changes you choose.  I know how hard it is to make changes in your life.  Habits are very hard to break.

May all of you have a wonderful new year.

Sandi and Pat

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  1. Happy New Year Sandi!!!
    I'm glad you made a safe trip and you deserve to be lazy after all that traveling!!!! ;)
    I wish you well with your Weight Watchers. I hope you meet your goal. It's a hard thing to do but if you are determined, really determined, I know you can do it. (they don't call you hard-headed for nothing! haha)
    Seriously girl, I wish you the best new year and I'm looking forward to spending many more visits with you!!!
    everything vintage

    ps...if I add your blog address to my side bar, it still goes back to your old blog...any idea why????