Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stuff Been Working on

I have been a little busy lately.  As you will see.  Enjoy.

st theresa 002

This was before I applied a little black stain over the turquoise color. 

Now in my booth at Something Old and Something New.

st theresa 003

This piece is one done up by my friend Pro.  Also in her booth.

st theresa 007

Hutch done by Pro.  It actually is more yellow than it looks in the photo.

st theresa 009 

This little table is one of my favorites.  I love the color and the design.  I am so into little tables.

st theresa 027

St Theresa of the Little Flowers.  This lady has been gracing our home lately.  Isn’t she great?

st theresa 024

The detail is wonderful.

st theresa 026  

She will be leaving soon.  Hopefully someone will have her grace their home soon.

Will be very busy with a garage sale in a week and a city wide garage sale at the beginning of October. 

Watching the pre show for the Saints game.  Go Saints.

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