Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hey guys check this out. 

The Before.

dollhouse 001

Believe it or not, this I found on the side of the road as trash.   OK, right now it looks like trash.  But wait.

dollhouse 002

The previous owner, little girl, loved stickers and markers, ALOT.  And this is after I removed an unbelievable amount of stickers.

dollhouse 003

dollhouse 004

dollhouse 005

Here is the middle part of after.dollhouse 007

dollhouse 006

Pro, my flea market buddy, did a great job with the climbing rose vine.

dollhouse 008

dollhouse 009

dollhouse 010

dollhouse 011

dollhouse 013

Isn’t it coming along great.   We still are planning on dressing up the rooms.  Lots of ideas flying around on what to do. 

Don’t you think some little girl would love this?  So it will be at my flea market booth, waiting for a special someone to take it home.

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