Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pro’s Shabby Bedroom

I wanted you to visit with my friend and see what she has been doing with her new finds.

First lets welcome one of her new finds, Kitty.  Kitty sits just right on the vintage bed and chenille bedspread.

pro house 020

pro house 021

I know, it’s fuzzy.  Hey, I never said I could do photos.

pro house 024

Maybe a little better.

pro house 025

Isn’t this a great idea.  Old gate with lots of her treasures.  Love the old gown.

pro house 026

pro house 032

pro house 028

pro house 027

pro house 034

This old dresser is pretty awesome.  Love the chippyness (I know, no such word).

pro house 038

This on the other wall from the bed.

pro house 036

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