Thursday, January 28, 2010

Pay Back

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Let’s begin with Mr. Anonymous. 

For the last few years my hubby has received a fairly large amount of money donated  to him to help with some of the children at his school to have a better Christmas.  These children are ones who have unfortunate situations.  Some are homeless.  Some in shelters or foster homes, etc. 

Each child is given a set amount to spend on a shopping trip to Target on a particular night. They are told they can buy anything they want within the store.  Target has been amazing with their help with this. 

A cash register is designated for these customers to check out.  As these children come through, the evidence of what these children must be living becomes apparent. 

I have seen young mothers with their shopping carts full of diapers, baby clothes, formula, etc. for their babies with nothing for themselves.

I remember on year a young man asked if  Target sold paint.  This young man had been deserted by his parents.  He had been living with different friends until he had found an apartment he could afford.  I feel certain the apartment was not the greatest. He told us the walls were really bad and  he wanted to make it a better place to live and paint would have helped.

Another child, when told about the shopping trip, asked to give it to someone who was less fortunate than him.  Now you have to understand this child pretty much had nothing. 

You must understand some of these children have No one to tell them to get up in the morning to go to school.  No warm breakfast.  Or for that matter no warm bed, sometimes no bed at all. And they show up at school each and every day.  They are to me, AMAZING.

Well, we have been doing this for a few years and this event alone is enough to bring tears to my eyes and love in my heart.  But this is not the end of this story.

Now the pay back.

My hubby came home the other night and told me he had a great story to tell me. 

He had received a phone call at school that day from a parent.  She told my hubby that she had recently purchased her daughter’s graduation ring from Walmart. 

My hubby assumed she was calling asking if her daughter could still participate in the ring ceremony with the other graduates since she had purchased the ring elsewhere.

The mother said she wasn’t calling for that.  She wanted to know if she could buy  a graduation ring for a child who could not afford one.

Hubby then told her how this reminded him of the generosity of Mr. Anonymous.

She said yes she was aware of the Christmas shopping trip.  You see her daughter was one of those children who participated in the trip.  The mother explained that at the time things were very difficult for them.  Since that time things had greatly improved and she wanted to give back some of the good fortune to some one else.  She wanted to make some child have a better Senior year. To have something special.

This is something I felt I had to share.  I hope this makes you feel good about this world we live in.  It does for me.

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