Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Car less

I am without my car.  It needs a few repairs. The mechanic told me a rear brake light cover may cost hundreds of dollars.  OMG!!!!   On pins and needles waiting for him to tell me I may have to pawn my youngest child to pay the bill.   Unfortunately my youngest is almost 30 years old.

Just spoke with Sarah of  http://gypsymermaidlife.blogspot.com/  Gypsy Mermaid.  She is busy working on making Saints and Mardi Gras wreaths.  I pulled together a bag of beads for her to use.  We have gobs of beads from past Mardi Gras parades.

I would say Lafayette, La is the perfect city for a family to enjoy Mardi Gras.

Hubby and I will be celebrating Mardi Gras in Park City, Utah this year.  Can't wait.

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