Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just to say Thank You

I simply can not believe all the new followers that would like to spend some time looking over my blog.  Thanks again.  I know I have been very lazy.  Hope to do better soon.

Been working very hard on a complete backyard redo.  Where the heck is Backyard Makeover when you need them.

Also thank you to Pro and Meaghan for being such constant lurkers.  Love you.

What do you all think about my new look for the blog?  I thought I needed some color. 

See you all soon with photos of the things happening in my crazy life.



  1. Sandi, I love the orange! Your Blog looks great!


  2. Hi Sandi!
    Thanks so much for the recent visit, so nice to meet you! :-)

    Have a wonderful Friday!

  3. Hi Meme I love how your blog looks I just have one quick question. When are you boing to put on the stuff we made together. Love Meaghan

  4. Meme I love your blog but one question when are you going to put the things we made on the blog

  5. I love the hot spicy colors of your new background, very cheerful like sunshine in the morning. Thank you for visiting and have fun on those projects!